About J2C

J2C was founded in September 11 2015 by Kim You Jung and a small group of highly experienced engineers, and is dedicated to developing innovative and cost effective iris recognition devices.

Kim You Jung is one of the true female pioneers in the iris recognition field. She has a lot of know-how acquired from the lens grinding processing technology. She is rich to have a experience in applying its know-how in the iris recognition devices. She is the author of several patents in iris recognition device design. Our company’s vision is to develop a full range of iris recognition products that provide superior usability, speed, and imaging performance at highly accessible pricing for volume applications. At the present time, there are three products will be prepared for manufacturing: the D-100 device is the based device as desktop device, the S-100 is a scanner device and ATM and kiosk market is the target and available wall mount, and AC-100 device is a access control devices. These compact, robust systems are suitable for the widest range of applications, from large-scale identity management enrollment programs to physical and logical access control. The embedded chip is developing as an ASIC chip in FPGA by getting the transfer of the technology from ETRI under cooperation with University. The company is committed to building trust among its customers, technology partners.


J2C offers four kinds of state-of-the-art iris recognition -related products.

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D-100 S-100 AC-100 E-100


2016.02.25 MWC 경남창조센터 입주기업 J2C '모바일 월드 콩그레스'참가

2016.02.22 MWC 경남창조센터, 입주사 J2C 해외전시회 참가 지원

2016.02.23 MWC 경남창조경제혁신센터 ‘J2C’ 스페인 전시회 참가 지원

2016.02.21 여가부 이기순 국장 경남창조경제혁신센터 방문

2016.02.21 여성가족부 간부, 경남창조센터 방문...여성입주기업 격려

1. 경남창조경제센터 2기 입주기업 첫발 – 경남도민일보

2. I-GEN 제2기 입주기업 6개월 대장정 '스타트' - 경남도민신문

3. 창조경제 투자퍼레이드 - 제이투씨


This video shows a demonstration of registration and identification in 1 second by working with iris recognition algorithm and DB to our system(DeskTop, Scanner, Access Control).


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11F, 46, Changwon-daero, 18 Beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, 51395, Korea

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